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Our Newest Release, The Compilation 'MIDI Evil' will be released on 03.20.2014 Available online at all major retailers.  Previews are here 


Cosmic Conspiracy Records are Proud to once again bring you something special…
the newest instalment in a series of now legendary Themed Compilations, and the product of over 8 Months of Combined Creative Efforts Spanning the globe..

Throughout the Kingdom of Crunch, Tripinstumble has summoned the Knights of the Sound Table , Bishops of Bass and Wizards of Weird ,together for an epic audio quest .
Each artist has applied there own midas touch in weaving together a tapestry of Beautiful Maidens, Evil Warlocks, Brave ''Nights" and Medieval Melody into a compilation you won't soon forget.


Featuring the collective might and magic of

Dirty Hippy
Evil Oil Man
Minimal Criminal

~Compiled And Conceptualised by Tripinstumble
~Mastering By InYourphaze ,Sweden
~Artwork By Andrew Ostroff & Tripinstumble 
~CCR15 V/A Midi Evil ~ Format :Digital

Available World Wide 02.24.2014 from every major online retailer



**** NEWS**** CCR are proud to announce the addition of x3 New International DJs added to the family*****

Anyer Quantum (Mex)

NightSkool (Fr)

Midium (Aus) <br>****

Cosmic Conspiracy Records Proudly Presents


The Debut Album From the Swain Brothers (UK) Daniel and Matthew AKA Dirty Hippy.
Featuring a massive collection of tracks, both co produced and solo individually created offerings. Join the Swain Bros as they take you for a ride, into sublime Deep Dubby Soundscapes, Glitchy Tech Territory, and The funkiest side of progressive Psy available! With Original Cover Art by Matthew Swain and World Class Mastering By Inyourphaze Mastering (Sweden) .
Release Date , August 4th! Available World Wide through all Major Retailers! 

Audio Samples@ cosmic-conspiracy-records/ sets/ ccr13-dirty-hippy-vs-evil-o il

Slime and Punishment, Get Yours next week!

Also we are extremely proud to announce a brand New Compilation From Tripinstumble (V/A MIDI EVIL) will be dropping around Nov 2013 featuring, Slytrance,Tripinstumble,Hedonix ,Evil Oil Man & Dirty Hippy, Ryanosaurus, Bloop, Traxon and More TBA !



V/A HIGH NOON, Is available!


And today also marks the 10 Year Anniversary of Cosmic Conspiracy Records!


Thats right, 10 Years and 12 Releases on (We dont believe in flooding the market...good things take time!)


Thanks for  everyones  support over the years!



A collection of daytime progressive grooves 

Compiled by Tripinstumble who has rounded up a progressive posse 

To deliver a compilation inspired by the sunbaked deserts , steam engines,galloping horses and the mythical magic of the wild west . 

A collection of "Short Stories" produced by some of the slickest tune slingers from around the globe,those bandits of Bass and Pilgrims of percussion.. 


Minimal Criminal 



Zombie Apocalypse 

Evil Oil Man 

Dirty Hippy 



After Image 


So gather the wagons around,summon the tribes and bring out the peace pipe and join with Cosmic Conspiracy Records in sending out some serious smoke signals this season ... 


Available word wide 

@ all major retailers 



currently at Itunes, and Spotify, Beatport, Juno and all other major stores to stock it within 48 hours enjoy!





Few phenomena exemplify the concept of a ‘Cosmic Conspiracy’ better than a total solar eclipse. The Sun, Moon and Earth in harmonious alliance, conspiring to create a synchronistic celestial alignment. And while all our attentions are drawn outward to the cosmos, slytrance and Cosmic Conspiracy Records invites you to take a journey inward. A journey told by some of the most skilled sonic sorcerers ever to set foot on the strange surface of the psyche.

Featuring the esoteric excursions of:


Tristan Boyle



Anatamous Audio






In typical rebel style, CCR breaks the mould and brings music back to its essence: intricately woven storytelling that delivers some serious depth and direction. Each track has been selected for the quality of being equally moving to both the spirit and the dance-floor. Honest and organic and psychedelic.

Pull up a spot by the campfire and prepare for an epic tale that, like all good yarns, gets bigger each time you hear it!




          a single step... (compiled by slytrance)



Available world wide at all major online stores.

And as a VERY limited-edition CD, on sale only at Eclipse 2012!


** "Almost all of the artists featured on this release will be playing at the 'Eclipse 2012' festival in Cairns, 10-16 November 2012. CD's will be on sale there during each of their sets, so make sure you're on the dancefloor showing some love, and supporting fresh, unique, independant music." **


Cosmic Conspiracy Records Crew are working together with KromaKonnection Booking agency  For artist  booking of Slytrance and Tripinstumble, for an event (or to book multiple label artists for your festival) contact!/category/artists/


Welcome to the  home page of Cosmic Conspiracy Records, here you will find info on upcoming Release Projects, Artists and Tour info.

Hello everybody,our latest release CCR010 V.A CRYPTOZOOLOGY is out now and available online at all major stores. Currently at number 6 in the Beatport top 100 release sellers, and number 14 in the Junodownload top 100. Press Info *Cosmic Conspiracy Records proudly present there highly anticipated 10th release,


Cryp·to·zo·ol·o·gy (krpt-z-l-j)

The study of creatures or animals whose existence has yet to be proven or confirmed by science"

Get ready to head out in the field,on a wonderfully weird safari, in the land of grotesque grooves

and monstrous music....

Cosmic Conspiracy Records newest installment in a series of now legendary, themed, compilations.

V.A Cryptozoology takes you deep into the study of some of the most elusive creatures on earth in a audio nature documentary like no other before.

Marvel at this collection of incredibly rare creatures from around the darkest corners of the world now captured

and put on display for all to enjoy.

Compiled and Conceptualized by Tripinstumble and Featuring original custom tracks

from leading Cryptozooligsts In the field!

Featuring the refined studies of Dr's

Minimal Criminal





Evil Oil Man VS Dirty Hippy 


Vacuum Stalkers

Pusher street


and a special Bonus FREE Download of Tripinstumble-Waats Kraken-Ozone RMX

*All artists were asked to choose a
Cryptozoological creature and create a piece of music around said animal.
Here are the results of there Studies*


Concept and Artist Selection by :Tripinstumble
Mastering by inyourphaze studios SWeden
Artwork: Mountian MEdia Andrew ostroff


Release Date: May 2012


Heres a forum link
Stay Tuned for More Info ........



we are happy to announce a new edition to the CCR crew!


Dj Hanoman (Israel)  check out his profile here



In Other news or most recent release V.A PHOBOPHOBIA CCR009


Spent more then 3 weeks in the top 5 Psy sellers at Beatport and she is still in the top 100!


Thanks for supporting this extra special release


If you havent allready grabbed your Copy get it here from Beatport


Compiled By Dj Alanita ,Brazil
Mastering By InYourPhaze Studios, Sweden
Cover Art by Tobin Hartley,New Zealand
A brand new selection of eerie things that go much more then just..... "bump" in the night.
"Phobophobia (from Greek: f?ß??, phobos, "fear") is a phobia defined as the fear of phobias,or the fear of fear, including intense anxiety and unrealistic and persistent fear of the somatic sensations and the feared phobia ensuing."
Phobophobia Features a stellar collection of renowned artists from around the world, hand picked by Brazilian label Dj Alanita
All artist's involved selected a fear,ranging from the common to the bizarre, and now they share with us the final result, a massively creepy collection, of some of the finest modern progressive and minimal Psy Trance to be found.
Relax,enjoy and remember......
You have nothing to fear but fear itself.
Featuring Phobias from
Minimal Criminal
Release date , August 2011 Available on Beatport,Itunes,Juno and all major online retailers


Samples are up now on Soundcloud, check them out here

1. Tripinstumble – Arachnophobia by Cosmic Conspiracy Records

2. Disfunction – Pantheophobia by Cosmic Conspiracy Records

3. Reactant – Kinemortophobia by Cosmic Conspiracy Records

4. Slytrance - Optophobia by Cosmic Conspiracy Records

5. Megiddo – Phasmophobia by Cosmic Conspiracy Records

6. Minimal Criminal vs Tripinstumble – Baaraparchuterphobia by Cosmic Conspiracy Records

7. Onionbrain – Kenophobia by Cosmic Conspiracy Records

8. Otkun – Lygophobia by Cosmic Conspiracy Records

9. Tripinstumble – Caviar Dreams (Hedonix Geniophobia RMX) by Cosmic Conspiracy Records